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Ally’s Electronic Music

Thank you for taking time to visit my page. A place to explain a little about what goes on in my head, in my life and perhaps reveal something new to people that share similar tastes in artistic expression.

A good friend of mine, @LiliTan introduced me (opened my eyes) to street art murals about 5 years ago and instantly attempted to hunt down any mural or graffiti I could photograph around my home town of Chiang Mai, Thailand. It became a past time that slowly grew into an obsession.

I have for many years tried to understand a guitar and to my music teachers kind ear, I slowly learned something, that I had a fairly decent musical ear myself.

In 2014 I started making short videos and posted to my youtube channel

After a couple of years I found that music of free copyright was either over used by others or wasn’t suitable for my silly videos. So I started to make my own tunes using Garage Band, a free Mac App that provides musical loops, sounds and recording facilities.

That got me started! I was hooked. From using Garage Band, I grew to using a keyboard to play instruments in Garage Band and then actual hardware synthesiser instruments rather than software. I quickly jumped from Garage Band to Logic Pro as my Digital Workstation (DAW) and a have a personal home studio that a year ago didn’t exist even in a dream.

How Street Art & my Electronic Music became linked is hopefully explained in the various posts I have made on this page. Looking at street art gives me inspiration and having the instruments gives me a desire to create music.

Thanks again for your time

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