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Emerging Traveller

In August 2017 I purchased my first synthesiser that someone was selling 2nd hand. A Novation Bass Station II. Having used Garage Band for a few months I discovered that Logic Pro X could be a step up for me…

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Oh No!

Oh No ! is a track I created on Garage Band to accompany a video I recorded of a flooded road in Chiang Mai. When I saw people going about their business & struggling with the water, I wanted to…

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All Aboard

Chiang Mai city centre is within a square moat and each side is 1 mile. This video is taken whilst driving clockwise around the moat. I composed this audio track "All Aboard" to provide a bit of humour and also…

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Up & Up

Ok, I had found arpeggios and wanted to experiment even more! Still using Garage Band and built-in loops and instruments.

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Darkside Arpeggio

I was recording in-car videos, driving around my local area and needed a soundtrack to support the video. After previously using creative commons music that everyone else was using, I wanted my own music. I had found arpeggios and instantly…

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Country Picking

This was one of my first tracks. I created it with GarageBand and therefore using only Apple loops and built-in instruments.

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