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his is a Coffee Shop Comparison of Espresso Martini CNX Cafe in Chom Thong, another video in the series of Chiang Mai Coffee Shop Comparisons. Espresso Martini CNX cafe is relatively new cafe 2019) and situated on the main 108 Chiang Mai to Hot road in the city centre of Chom Thong. It must be said this cafe is on the side of a busy main road but the noise inside is not excessive. The interior is minimalist and modern, lots of clean white tiles & walls. The coffee is very good, the price is just 40thb for a single shot Espresso & 60thb for a double. There are cakes and pastries available and from their Facebook page they appear to have a wide range of cakes. I cannot speak highly enough about the coffee. Gorgeous!

Espresso Martini CNX


Espresso Martini CNX
Scores on the Doors
Possible Cafe Ambience = 5
Experienced Cafe Ambience = 5
Welcome at the Cafe = 5
Coffee = 5
Nalak Factor & Charm of Cafe= 5

Espresso Coffee = 40thb (single) 60thb (double)

Coffee Shop Comparison Google Map

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