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We took the back way up to Doi Inthanon via Mae Wang, Mae Win, visit Mae Sapok Waterfall, I checked on a Geocache I have there. I didn’t take a gpx of the trip so no track to show.

18.666989°  98.620443° is the carpark of the waterfall

The top section from Mae Win is dreadful now, the potholes will swallow a bike wheel.

Along the way, Ron twisted my arm to give a lift to a couple walking up to the top. Mother & Son seemed happy enough in the back tray of the pickup. Shame about the rain but thats my level of trust I am afraid.

We stopped at the Orchid Farm, Ron fell in love with a dog and then we went on to Inthanon where we had lunch at the large food hall and then off up to the summit.

18.585403°  98.511527° is the Orchid Farm

The light wasn’t too good for motion shots but a couple I captured with RAW were easily adjusted to show their details.

A nice day out.

Doi Inthanon with Ron

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