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A fairly short distance of 140kms basically in 2 halves, there & back.

I took the 121 canal road north & briefly maneuvered the chaos of the 107 around the centre of Mae Rim.

As soon as I could, I took a left to join the 3010 and made my way up to Wat San Pa Tueng, not the big pink Buddha one, the next one after that.

I turned left at the temple and then took the right at the fork in the road. This is a fun section of the ride. Off road now for about an hour, weaving through the mountains, surfaces like talcum, sometimes like baked hardpad and other times just down right difficult. Along the way there are signs of road improvement (not sure what else to call it) a digger had pulled part of the raised embankment down onto the road to fill the ruts I presume.

At a fork in the road I hairpin back on myself and start a steep climb. This part of the route I traveled once before without a gps and at that time didn’t realise I could come out up the mountain near to Wat Phuttibat Sii Roi. This time I wanted to plot it and enjoy it once more.

The going is fairly tough and the track is one you just throw the bike at and hold on tight. The small wooden bridge on this section has been renewed but from my memory of the track before, I think it has deteriorated.

Eventually I arrive at the temple road and make for the restaurant & enjoy kapow moo kap kai dow.

The temple is renovating the roof of the out buildings and a massive fundraising scheme is in full swing. As well as selling memorabilia, there are roof tiles to sponsor & 9 suspended balls to be cover in gold leaf by tamboon.

Knowing that a track does exist that links down to Samoeng Nuea, I went off investigating but somehow the actual track which is navigable eluded me.  I found a monk retreat with some amazing toilets, a regular plastic door hung on a concrete construction made to look like a tree trunk. Not just one but more than 8. I expected Barney Rubble to step out & yell yabba daba doo !

I did find one sign post to Samoeng Nuea pointing into an orchard with a dreadful tiny track but after 100 metres I decided it would be better on foot so I turned round and braved the angry pack of dogs at the temple once more.

The decent from the mountain along the mainly well paved road was a breeze and I arrived back on the 3010 at the pink Buddha statue for a thirst quenching cafe boran.

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/wat-puttibat-offroad.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:500px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]

Wat Phuttibat Sii Roi – Offroad

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  1. Thank you Ally for this great and detailed information. I am looking for such trails “around my home”, not for the Versys but my small KLX125. I will try it once.

  2. Nice loop you found and a pretty Wat as a destination, can’t wait to follow your blue squiggly line soon. Call me if you want company to follow the trail to Samoeng

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