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The 1184 from Pa Sang is a brilliant road to ride, I have said that before, I like to ride it down… then back up again! Today I went off to the side.
Some of the lanes off to the side have got some new tarmac & they were not shown on my map so I went investigating.

One of them took me up to Erawan Nature Trail & Cave.

The road will need a few months to clean up from the new tarmac going down this week and it will be a nice ride.

I will return to the cave again with a torch, as there is no internal lighting and it seems vast from the map at the entrance.

On the way back I checked out one of my geocaches at Wat Sapphanyu that I placed a year ago & hadn’t been found by visitors. Ha !! I somehow had the co-ordinates wrong by 5 metres!

Nakhon Chedi Erawan Cave

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