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In this video I visit my local government office to recycle plastic I have been saving for a couple of months. I visit Wat Thon Kwain and look at & talk about trains. Oh, I also show my bird table, play scrabble & drink coffee.

Nong Kwai Sub-District Office

Thailand-wide Recycling Project
“Won” in Thai means circular, we then decided to name this project as “Won”.
“Won” (WONTOGETHER) is a project created by a small group of staffs of TPBI Public Company Limited who interested in resolving plastic waste problems in a creative way by using “Circular Economy” concept. We are happy to share our knowledge regarding plastic information, waste sorting and recycle process of plastic waste. Won project has been started with our staffs and we are now expanding Won project to other communities, universities and organizations.

Dr Pow – Green Road Thailand

Wat Thon Kwain
Wat Inthrawat (วัดอินทราวาส), also known as Wat Thon Kwain (วัดต้นแกว๋น) (built 1858)
Wat Inthrawat stands in a rural area to the southwest of Chiang Mai. Its crowning attraction is an almost quintessential Lanna-style viharn with impressively carved woodwork. Although constructed in 1858, the Wat is in quite good condition despite (and partially because of) the lack of any recent renovation.
Apart from the viharn, another gorgeous structure on site is an open, four-sided mondop that was used as a shelter for the Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong relics as they were carried in to Chiang Mai. The Wat also features a fine cloister that surrounds the viharn on three sides.

Royal Train Cafe & Resort

Saraphi Station

Blackwater Station images credit: John Hinson – Permission Requested –

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Expat Life Chiang Mai – Plastic Recycling & Trains

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