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This video shows a Visit to the Garden of Hell, depictions of Hell as seen by artists and followers of the Buddhist faith. Art installations in this garden can be animated and illuminated by inserting 10thb coins. Hell temples show graphic scenes of what a person can expect after death if they fail to live a moral and good life. Some offer written explanations, while others have images and statues. Statues especially can be grotesque and somewhat horrifying to outsiders. They can also, however, be morbidly fascinating. Thai beliefs often include spirits and ghosts, remnants from when animism was practiced by many. Visiting Gardens of Hell provide a useful insight into concepts of Thai spirituality, myths and beliefs.

Wat Si Don Chai Pa Tung Ngam (Wat Mae Kaet Noi)
วัดศรีดอนชัยป่าตึงงาม (วัดแม่แก้ดน้อย)

Many examples throughout Thailand

Artlist Music
David Jack Marshall – My Cup Is Nearly Empty

Visit to the Garden of Hell

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