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Wonderful that Ken had managed to encourage some other riders along today through the GT-Rider forum posting. Ken & Poo on their Fazer, were joined by Kevin on his Ninja & Richie on his African Twin. Me, I rode the Dragstar.

Starting off from Tesco’s on the Super Highway, we headed for the 1001 and up to Mae Jo. The road in places past Mae Jo has been recently resurfaced and lines are yet to be done.

Eventually we wind our way up past the left turning to Mae Ngat and despite a little bit of a rough surface we continue for about 1km to the right turn to Bua Tong Waterfall.

This road makes it’s way down and down to through forest and to a park area which was completely desolate apart from the 3 dogs and us noisy bikes arriving.

The top of the waterfall area which at weekends is crowded with pic-nic paddlers in the clear inviting ponds of the river, today was hard to walk past without thinking ‘if only I brought my costume’.

There is a price to pay for seeing the waterfall, not monetary, but in degrees of exhaustion. We didn’t count the steps, it’s not as bad as Doi Suthep but agony on the way up!

The water cascading over the rocks is truly worth the effort of the steps. The photos at times give the impression there is little water here because it is spread across a wide surface area as well as being so clean & clear and therefore transparent on the rocks. But the flow is very strong.

After a short recovery back at the bikes we retraced our rout back to the 1001 and took a right for about another 2 km’s and then took the right turn towards the rear of Mae Kuang Dam. This road is a fairly good road in places and there was literally no traffic on our journey to the reservoir but there was a herd of cows in the middle of the road on the way back!

Down at the bottom, the water level is low, the boat ferried a couple of Dreams across to the Dam as we left and we were getting hungry.

Yes that is Ken on one wheel.

Once again back to the 1001 and left this time and just before the Mae Ngat turning we stopped for lunch. This restaurant serves good food, the owner cook makes what you want and it is delicious.

Off to Mae Ngat and the Dam. The water is higher than my last visit about 10 months ago, the surface was covered at the sluece with what looked like blossom and there was just a single fisherman in a boat.

Down into the valley and through the pretty, trimmed verges, pruned shrubs and loads of flower tubs (maybe it’s a retirement town like Bournemouth ?)

On the far side of the valley we approached Wat Ban Den. This is a massive construction and is not finished yet. Maybe it will never be complete.

Well that was it really, just a quick blast down the 107 into Chiang Mai. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, the places we visited but most of all, having people around to chat with and share points of view.

Thanks for coming guys, hope you enjoyed the ride.

Bua Tong Waterfall – Mae Ngat

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