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Drone registration in Thailand is extremely important and if you do not comply with the law, the penalties are very stiff.

Luckily I live in Chiang Mai near to DJI Chiang Mai by Bev-Store at Biz Point 10 in Mae Hia, just south of the city on the Canal Road.

Oat & Moss the owners, offer great support for all their shop sold products including after care & drone registration.

They will process your insurance application and also complete all the forms with you, greatly assisting a foreigner through the maze of drone registration. It certainly makes the process pain free & most of all it’s super friendly.

I then take my drone to Mae Wang / Sanpatong area to see the evening sky over a beautiful Hindhu Garden Temple construction where a huge Trimurti is being finalised.

DJI Chiang Mai by Bev-Store at Biz Point 10

คุ้มพระศิวะ Hindhu / “Buddhist” Temple


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Expat Life Chiang Mai – Drone Registration Thailand

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