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Today I searched for the lost temple of Wiang Kum Kam Wat Ku Bok Chok ancient ruin and discovered far more than I expected. The location I assumed to be the site of the temple ruin from Garry Harbottle-Johnson’s sketch map was in the vicinity of the Chiang Mai Fishing Lake that I had seen on google maps. What transpires next was completely unexpected. It was wonderful to meet Eddy & his son Marius from Germany along with their keen fisherman friend Hanus.

Garry Harbottle-Johnson says the following about this location during his visit in 2002:
Even if this is not truly Wat Ku Bok Chok, the location is worth visiting for the fascinating wooden architecture of the complete original buildings on stilts (date unknown) and the carvings, statuary and floating walkways.”

Chiang Mai Fishing Park

Gather – Dog friendly Cafe

Wiang Kum Kam Video Playlist

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Hans Johnson – Lullaby (Thailand)

Lost Temple of Wiang Kum Kam Wat Ku Bok Chok Ancient Ruin

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