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This ride wasn’t going to be a photo expedition, it had 3 purposes.

Firstly I wanted to give a monk some shoes. A few months ago, along with Pe’Took’s friends, we went to a very poor temple near Sirikit Dam & made merit in the guise of arranging for the construction of some buildings at the temple. The solitary monk in residence was literally falling out of his old shoes so the idea sprang to mind.

The second objective for this ride was to deliver a wall map to Tony & Wan over in Nan at their new restaurant location within Nan city.

But most importantly for me, this ride was to get out of the house for a couple of days, get on the bike, ride some tarmac and be free from the computer!

It didn’t all go to plan but I really enjoyed it none the less :) The roads were a dream to ride, I had a real treat with the ferry crossing and the food & hospitality in Nan were to be the icing on the cake for me.

As for stopping to take photos, especially at this time of year with the smog filled air & whited out sky, whats the fun of stopping the bike when your in the middle of a long yiiii haaaaaa! in your helmet?!!

The monk… he told me to go away with animated arms and aggressive voice & words. He didn’t want new shoes !

Tony’s Place Nan – Ride the 1148

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    1. Thanks for visiting & your kind words Tony, I look forward to popping over to see you both in the not too distant future 🙂


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