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Nice crowd at the PTT in Chiang Rai for Marty & Woraphat’s monthly ride.

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Off through town & out to the 1211 which is a really nice alternative to leave Chiang Rai by, the scenic route, rather than the same ol’ route 1.

We exit at Mae Suai just north of Charin resort, out first stop for coffee & cake.

We then continue down the 118 to the 3027 towards Wawi.

Up the mountain taking in the scenery and take the turning towards Doichang School with a white marker saying it was the 5047.

The climb up to the top is fun and the road is fine for a while but then disintegrates into mess and finally becomes a road under construction / resurfacing sometime soon ;)

We stop for lunch around midday and then head off in the wrong direction to find a no-go track & turned around to the junction currently being repaired by a very quality conscious worker who refused to let us ride over his newly laid road @ N19.80369 E99.55769

So we split up, the Choppers & co went back the way we came to join the 3027 & the rest of us ventured across some rubble & dirt to circumvent the new concrete, a feat the other bikes would have trouble with.

We met up again with some of the riders along the 3027 and all the riders up at the top at its junction with 1089.

After an delicious Magnum, I left the other riders & headed left to return to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Rai Saddle Bag Ride – Wawi

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