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This video shows a visit to Northern AGRI CMU EXPO 2022 in Chiang Mai on 2 December 2022, including a variety of scenes in just part of this huge annual event. Situated 10 mins south west of the city of Chiang Mai, this event is free to enter with plenty of parking and demonstrating the huge commitments to innovate and develop sustainable agricultural practices, with some amazing technological innovations. Northern AGRI CMU EXPO 2022 represents the finest innovations and development in Thailand, focused on sustainability, initiated by and constantly respecting His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the late Rama 9.

A video covering other equally interesting exhibitors and scenes will be found in a video recorded on 3 December 2022. (to follow here)

Chiang Mai University


Doi Pangmai

Supin Cottons


Northern AGRI CMU EXPO 2022 in Chiang Mai Thailand Innovation, Sustainability and Tradition

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