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Setting out just before midday, it was bound to be warm but I think the temperature was so damned Hot that despite wearing airflow & drinking loads of water, today must be the hottest I have ever been here.

Down the 121 from the 108 until the Ping River and I turned right onto the river side road and stuck with the river to my left. Along here I found a delightful little coffee shop run by a dear little old lady who served up a very tasty iced coffee. I continued further until Ban Pak Bong where I crossed the bridge and took the 1156 south.

I found myself a riverside restaurant with a view over the river watching the dredging process and looking at Wat Phrathat Doi Noi on the the small hill on the far side. After a short stop I continued down the 1156 until it meets the 1010 at Wang Phang.

I turned right and then picked up the riverside track just over the bridge and continued south. Along here I took a couple of dusty excursions to get closer to the river and they were well worth it.

Near Sop Tia I crossed the river again and joined 3004 until the next bridge where I visited Wat Hat Nak. After a brief walk around the building site, I crossed back over the river and continued down to Nong Pla Sawai & visited Wat San Chedi Rim Ping, an altogether more magnificent and creation with an outstanding old archway & Chedi.

I then took the 3058 and some river hugging tracks further towards Hot where I was looking for a familiar Mae Soi Phatthana Bridge, as I wanted to visit a piece of land we own near by. I take the 4316 until it does a sharp right and I take the dirt to our land.

This place was gorgeous a couple of years back until some silly idiot neighbour burnt it to the ground. The Lamyai trees were quite mature and it was a pleasure to go down there and walk around in a wilderness. Since then I haven’t been back & we just left the place to go to ruin. Shame.

After a brief stop I rode through to the 4009. If I wrote 20 expletives, it would not do the joy of this road justice, I guess I just have to say it’s a bit of all right.

I visited Huai Muang Ton Lang Reservoir but there was no sign of water and if there was, the house / shacks that have been built there would be washed away.

I rode the 4009 north until it met the 3004 and then the 1010 at which I took it back to Wang Phang and found the 1156 back towards home and then the 4200 to San Patong & Hang Dong.

The distance today was 185 km and the roads were a little of everything, I had wet, dusty, straight & curves. I had scenery and good food, I had some interesting photo stops and above all I had a brilliant ride.

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