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Making the most of the fine weather and some freedom, I rode up the 1269 again and my first stop was to take a photo of a familiar place to a dear friend in England. Then, just after passing American Pacific International School before the shops on the right, I turned right up a concrete road.

Primarily I wanted to find the piece of water I had seen on Google Earth but whilst I was there, I wanted to follow the track up the mountain.

I rode through orchards and occasionally on dual concrete tracks but the mud on this side of the Samoeng road valley is more sandy in texture and until you reach the top, it’s light in colour.

Well after reaching the top of the mountain, there is another valley and the mud changes to the red stuff and very very sticky.

Firstly I came upon a dead end in the middle of a beautiful valley farm. The people told me the tracks went to Pong Yong to the north and pointed but laughed at my bike & said another track lead to Doi Pui. Indeed I was already knackered so I called it a day.

So back down through the orchards and onto the sandy stuff and at the barrier & guard hut / info kiosk / beer den I turned to the left rather than returning to the 1296.

After a short distance, I found the water I had come to see. I rode around it, took a few snaps and then continued on to the south east and followed a track I had put onto my 60csx.

If you go to Google Earth you will see a youtube video a guy did of this and today was no different. Stop laughing, it was scary but I made it all the way down from the water without dropping the bike.

At the end of the rough stuff, is a track to the left and then further on down there are a couple of tracks left & right that I will look at another day. And before anyone posts a question about the waterfall here … no I missed it.

Mud mud glorious mud … what a messy ride this was and one hell of an experience for me.

I now understand paddling, dipping & dropping ! And when a bike falls into a gooey mass of mud, the lift up is just so bloody difficult as the suction keeps the bike locked down. But you all knew that already!

(Despite 2 gooey drops, right & left, still no de-restriction as a result)

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/samoeng-right-short-loop-1.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:600px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]

Right turn after American Pacific – Samoeng

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