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The route 118, 1252, 1287, 1035, 1335, unknown, 1035, 1039, 5017, 2031, 1229, 1317

Total distance 323 km

After following Captain Slash’s posts for so long on the forum, finally a chance arose to ride with this guy whilst he is in Chiang Mai on a brief stop over before heading out around other provinces of Thailand.

3 of us answered his announcement for a ride, to journey up through Doi Saket on the 118, turning right onto the 1252 and then ride down through Chae Son National Park and onto Chae Hom.

The return route planned was detailed as a few back roads and through Khun Tan National Park then over to Mae On.

It was clear that Slash knew these roads well, as he slung the Phantom around the steep and twisty curves and it was great to be able to rely on a ride leader who knew exactly the route and provide observations and anecdotes about many things connected with our trip or riding in general. At any stop we made to take on water or appreciate the views, we were able to share some of his experiences whilst touring Thailand every day during his annual 5 month visits.

Fishenough (Kevin1) & I met with Colin at The Kafe at 09:00 and we set out for Doi Saket up the 118. At the Doi Saket turn off we met up with Dandred (Kevin2) and we pressed on up the 118 towards Chiang Rai.

We enjoyed the good road that is now finished past Doi Saket & up into the mountains.

At Pang Faen (but you wouldn’t know that name unless you had a map that mentioned it) we turned right onto the 1252.

This road has a difficult surface in parts but wonderful in others. The views are certainly spectacular and the ride through the forest here is very pleasant.

Out of the mountains down to Muang Pan and this T junction with the 1287 that I had previously only ridden to and turned right, today we turned left towards Chae Hom.

Here the road develops nicely and is a good run down into Chae Hom where we stopped for lunch and ate Noodles.

After lunch it was back onto the 1035 and onto the 1335 & on towards Keaw Lom Dam. This section of road was the highlight, the peak, absolutely orgasmic and pure ecstasy. To just say it was brilliant, doesn’t go far enough.

Inebriated and high on adrenalin, we descended down to the valley and the reservoir and the dam.

This spot is a little gem and very accessible to anyone who wants to ride in and see it.

Continuing down the 1335 we were led up what seemed a very insignificant track through small villages and over canals.

This route was far from being insignificant, as it took us away from the bottom of the 1335 which eventually T’s with the 1 just north of Lampang and leads directly west towards Hang Chat, therefore skirting the north of Lampang.

We stopped at one of Slash’s favourite 7-11’s on the Cham Thewi road and this road continues to become 1039 and we were therefore riding parallel and to the north of the 11.

At Hang Chat town, (not the location on the 11) we carry straight on at the lights on to a very small country road until we reach the 4027 where we turn right. For those that know the 11 in this area, this road is the turning adjacent to the Police Box near the Amphur offices which starts out as the 3027 and then magically turns into the 4027

This road develops into a fairly decent road before deteriorating again and is the 4052. All the way, it is well sign posted, advertising Khun Tan National Park.

On my gps map, this road becomes the 2007 and at the park entrance we stopped and the guy went through the motions of touching his pen on a paper pad & looking very seriously at the Phantom (as you do) and then waved us all on.

Inside the park the road becomes a monster.

This road is incredibly diverse from being fast and brilliant through to extremely steep and scary as hell.

We stop in the middle of the park to reminisce about what a brilliant ride we had enjoyed and then set off towards the famous Khun Tan Railway Station and here the road number becomes 3003.

At the end of this road, it T’s with the 2031 and we turned right and up to where on gps maps the road disappears and then there is a junction of the 1230 and the 1229. We tun left and take the 1229 up to the mountain crossing over into Mae On.

After coming down the mountain, the road meets up with the 1006 and finally we reached the 1317 at San Kamphaeng and we said our goodbyes and split up for home.

A fabulous route and with excellent company to share it. Colin said he enjoyed this route more today because he rode it rather than stopping to take photos. It seems in hind-sight, that I could have taken more. If I had been on my own I would have captured every turn and junction but today I too wanted to ride the road and enjoy it.

Slash plus 3 to Chae Hom and Khun Tan

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