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This video is about visiting a Chiang Mai Cave Tham Muang On and Climbing to the peak to see Tune Jai Buddha Chedi. Tham Muang On is a cave set within a mountain north east of San Kamphaeng, not far from the hot spring area and accessible fr just a 20 the donation. IN this video, I climb the seemingly never ending steps to the cave & then descend down into the depths of the cave and see the various named stalactites and stalagmites adorned with orange robes, where people bring offerings and burn incense to bring good luck and happiness to the spirits in the area. I then climb out of the cave and make my way to the peak of the mountain where I visit Tune Jai Buddha Chedi. A very steep climb and very rewarding to see the ancient relics. I leave the cave area and show a troop of macaque monkeys in the forest beside the road. I also visit “The Cave Cafe & Eatery” nearby and take a drone flight over Huai Mae On.

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