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Leaving Hang Dong on the 108 down to San Patong, yeah, yeah I know, the same route as last week but today I stopped at the corner of the 108 where it hangs a sharp right & where so many bad drivers come a cropper.

Here there is a new road going in, pointing directly towards Lamphun and currently ridable however today there is tarmac but you still cannot use the bridge.

So I turned right onto the riverside road and made my way down to the 1156, 1031 & then the 106.

My destination was Lampang and I took the 1184 all the way down & then the 1274 to the 1 just south of Lampang.

I then joined the 11 for a few km’s until Hang Chat Police Station where I turned right onto the 3027 and headed for Khun Tan National Park.

The forest here has been damaged beyong belief. Everywhere you look, the forest floor is burnt to a cinder and many of the trees have been extensively damaged.

Eventually, out of the park & back to the 2031, I turned left towards the 11.

Along the 2031 I stopped to capture time standing still in the form of Tha Chomphu Railway Station.

At the 11, I did the U turn & at Mae Tha took the left onto the 1033 and followed this until it meets the 116 at the Pa Ha Intersection. Here I turned left onto the 116 until it reaches the 106.

From here, there is a new road directly ahead, full of road works but not surprisingly, quite busy. I take this road and ride all the way up to the Ping River and the junction of the 1156. I am now at the other side of the bridge I could not ride over earlier in the day, on the north side of the river.

This extension of the 116 and the bridge when open, will allow lorries to link up from the 108 to the 11. Will it be known as The Southern Chiang Mai By-Pass?

Now for anyone wondering why the title “… Tail of Sammy Snake” ? My GPS 60CSx today decided to play games with me. I was happy clicking up the km’s and registering the track I was riding, until I reached the 1033. As I rode along, I noticed the beginging of my track shrinking, diminishing and in effect, mimicing that very frustrating but captivating game, ‘Sammy Snake’. I rode 1 Km, 1 km dropped off the begining. So fearing I would not have a record of the 116 extension to represent on my report, I rode it again !

Amazingly, back at home on the computer, the track uploaded ok & nothing lost. – So I guess it’s all about the 500 points available in on board memory. The unit is set to record ‘More often’ and I guess I just noticed it for the first time & panicked!

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/116-extension-sammy-snake.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:600px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]


116 Extension & the Tail of Sammy Snake

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