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Well I am finally breaking my ‘Duck’ and posting a trip report.

Today after lunch I decided I would tootle around the Mae On Loop taking the 121 from near my home out through San Kamphaeng.

I thought I would ride to the junction of 1317, take a right to Huai Kaeo and then take the right onto the 1230 to Tha Nuea, returning the loop on the 1229 then back to the 1006 & home. A round trip of approximately 120 Kilometers.

When I reached Haui Kaeo, I ventured up the road I assumed (stop laughing!) was the 1230 and found a delightful resort called Tharnthong Lodges and sat amongst a beautiful landscape listening to Laughing Thrushes & Barbets singing in the forest close by. The coffee was good and I was quite relaxed.

I continued along this road and found more colours in some gardens and then after the 2nd water crossing started to wonder why I was not reaching Tha Nuea.

Doh! I was now well up the mountains and feeling the climates change. The cattle on the roads and the narrowing roads from overgrown grasses and vegetation as well as the sun (behind the mountains) was in the wrong direction, all added up to a loud laugh from me in my helmet!

By now the rear breaks were so hot that they were failing and the urge to go the loo was overwhelming. Eventually I found some humans but alas they were divided about the route to Chiang Mai and on more than one occasion ended up in small soi’s with women sat in the dust cuddling children and dogs 10 to the dozen, all bemused by a silly farang woman struggling to 3 point turn the bike on their steep dead end street. I now know I was on the 4074.

This place in the middle of the mountains was great relief and after the smile came back and the brakes, oh and some more water crossings, I arrived at what appeared to be an Army Training Camp and the end of the Chae Son National Park I had been in for the last hour.

I now know I had joined the 4329 and this met the 1252. I took a right and when I reached Mueng Pan, I did a left onto the 1152, all the way south to Lampang.

At Lampang I took a right along the 1039 and joined the 11 back to Chiang Mai.

Back at home I looked at better maps and also the clock on the bike. 340 kilometers (not the gentle tootle around 150!)

You see, I have done the 1229 from San Kamphaeng down to Mae Tha many times but never done that elusive 1230. Still!

Oh well that will have to be another trip report.

Lost in Chae Son and onto Lampang

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