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190 km round trip ride out to San Khampaeng, Huai Kaew, Chae Son & back to Hang Dong in a loop.

The rains are now coming to an end now, despite there being showers along the route today and most of the time quite dull, I managed to get some light for a couple of pics. The jungle was green and healthy, the red soil where exposed, having slipped off the high banks and into the roads.

Lunch on the terrace of the Chae Son restaurant was delicious & to sit near the jungle, watching & listening to the birds nearby was a real delight.

The 1252 is actively being repaired, especially the massive road loss we all see regularly that has been a mess for at least the past +3 years.

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/chae-son-oct-2010.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:600px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]

Chae Son after the rain

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  1. Currently (November 3 days away) the weather is still inclement & the roads not drying yet. The mud & the leaves are a bit of a risk. That said, the temperature is much cooler 🙂

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