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The Dtracker was a fine bike and I really enjoyed the last 3 years riding it but it’s time for a change & after a bit of serious thinking about what I really want in a bike, the Kawasaki Versys fits the bill !

Today I rode my maiden voyage down a favourite route to clock up a few km’s during the running in phase.

I stayed as best I could to within the 4,000 revs and that equates to approx 89km/hr.

320 km round trip was a delight, that distance never felt so easy before and now the muscles in my face hurt so much from smiling.

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/versys-1184-doitao.gpx”]

Versys – 1184 to Li & Doi Tao

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  1. A new more comfortable bike over longer distances, does this mean there will be less of your fabulous photos??

    1. Yes well thats a dilema. Whilst looking at the scenes around you whilst thoroughly enjoying the ride the thought of “bugger them, let them come & see for themselves” certainly pops into my head on days like today 😉

      But I am sure I will find time on other rides to snap a few happy pics.

      It was a real effort today to stop the bike, I just wanted to ride the thing.


  2. Well done on finding the D-Trackers replacement, how will it cope with the easy offroad stuff?

    1. Ha Ha Colin, your pushig the envelope already !! Hasn’t even been run in yet 😉

      I will be sure to let you know how it deals with pot holes but with a 17″ wheel, you already know some of the answer. As for the tyres, they are pretty good on loose but like most tyres, they don’t like skating on that red slippy stuff !!


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