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I took the 118 to get me up to Mae Kachan asap as I wanted to explore the chedi on the mountain at Nam Mae Chedi and as it happened, I also found some other treasures in the guise of a water park and a “Shoppers Breakpoint”

Also on the way up to the top are a couple of beautiful structures & a water tower hosting the usual collection of hanging bee honey combs.

The chedi is still very much under construction. Interestingly the stuff they make the smooth surfaces with comes in bags and as is quite course & also contains lumps. The labour  put it through a pummling process (the machine) to get the lumps out and then discard the rubbish. They then lay the fine powder on a plastic sheet to further dry in the sun.

Lunch was awful at a roadside eatery, I wished I hadn’t.

I took the 120 over to Wang Nuea and then 1035 south towards Chae Hom and checked out the magnificent waterscape called Kio Kho Ma Dam.

Riding down the 1035 I had planned to take the 1335 but got so carried away with BB purring sweetly & smiling to myself what a wonderful life this is, that I sailed straight past the turning and therefore decided to check out the back end of Kio Lom Reservoir instead of the usual front door visit that Slash makes there. – Next time!

Down to Lampang & at Hang Chat on the 1039 BB clocked 999 km’s. Awww how sweet :) We’re booked in Tuesday for the first service. (Had the oil changed last week at 600km)

What a wonderful ride.

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/chaeson-lampang.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:700px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]

Nam Mae Chedi – Wang Nuea – Ki Kho Ma Dam

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  1. Kawasaki should have you on the payroll, you do the best brochures!

    Ahh, Kio Kho Ma, many good fishing times there.

  2. Hey Kevin

    I just trawled through your facebook pics and see you indeed have been to that place a lot !! Kayak & fishing 😉

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