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If you have a few hours to waste and a lot of patience, visit the 1150 between Phrao & the 118 @ Mae Kachan.

Today I rode 1001 to Phrao, enjoyed a coffee at the 7/11 & thought I would also enjoy the ride through the mountains over to the 118.


They are re-surfacing the road and as luck would have it, the sky opened as well & I was riding at 20 – 30km/ph at best !

Anyway, it was a good start with a ride up the wonderful 1001 & a drying out route home on the 118 in glorious sunshine ;)

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/phrao-1150.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:700px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]

Phrao & 1150 – Under repair!

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