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This video is an introduction to the neglected archeology of Wiang Kum Kam videos I will be publishing to bring attention to the amazing archeological history to be found in an abandoned walled city that predates Chiang Mai. In this video I explain how I found useful information about Wiang Kum Kam by reading the website of Frans Betgem – and also the invaluable Atlantis of Lanna book written by amateur historian Garry Harbottle-Johnson in 2002. I also make reference to a Elisha Anne Teo’s study of the Ping River Palaeochannels and visit various places in and around the ancient city of Wiang Kum Kam. These beautiful structures are a must see for visitors to Chiang Mai and an ideal opportunity for people to ride or drive around to discover for themselves.

My Google Map of Wiang Kum Kam Boundary and the 30+ temples associated with the city history.

Chiang Mai Alacarte – Frans Betgem

Garry Harbottle-Johnson
Atlantis of Lanna

Elisha Anne Teo
Ping River Palaeochannels: A Review of Evidence across Historical Literature, Archaeology and Geoscience Published: Sep 20, 2562

Yehezkel Raz – Closing Time

An introduction to the Neglected Archeology of Wiang Kum Kam the Atlantis of Lanna เวียงกุมกาม

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