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Chiang Mai Citylife Garden Fair 2022 was held at Boonthavorn, a huge home improvements centre on the super highway, just a few kilometers south of Chiang Mai city. 26 November 2022 was the 15th Chiang Mai Citylife Garden Fair, which grows in size and popularity every year, it is a very well organised event and major brand names from across Chiang Mai city display and offer their products and services for an audience that is mainly foreign origin. I walk around the garden area during the mid morning period, watching people complete their stall constructions and see early signs of people visiting to enjoy the fair. Perhaps next year I will be able to visit later in the day.

Citylife Chiang Mai

Boonthavorn Chiang Mai
บุญถาวร สาขาเชียงใหม่

The Fox’s Den – Vinyl Records Experience Store

WVS-Care For Dogs

7 Senses Gelato


Pure Thai Naturals

Royal Orchid Gift

Cooper Burger

Elephant Parade

Baked by Jass

Artlist Music
Alex Mastronardi – Scrapyard Blues
Tony Petersen – Alley

Chiang Mai Citylife Garden Fair 2022

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