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A loop out through Samoeng, to Yang Moen & then off raod to Pong Sa & through to Pa Pae.

Once again inspired by Slash & his post on 2nd January, I wanted to see what was at the top of those steps.

It was well worth the effort. Puffing & panting, I emerged into the forest at the top to see a really beautiful temple being constructed.

I lunched at the t junction in Yang Moen and then took the right turn and followed my senses north east and eventually made my way through Pong Sa & onto the 1095 at Pa Pae.

To make an interesting loop back home, I took the right at Mork Fa after a coffee and rode through to the 3010 on the track I rode last year when very very muddy. Today it was dry & dusty.

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/YangMoen-PongSa-PaPae.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:600px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]

Yang Moen – Pong Sa – Pa Pae

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