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After last years failure to find this little gem, today on the spur of the moment with absolutely no ties, I thought this route would make an excellent start to the year.

Starting at Hang Dong I rode the canal road to Mae Wang and then out to Mae Win.

I took the right turn at the wooden arch on the 1013 and wound my way through the woodland & paddy’s.

At the foot of the slope that stopped me last time, I gunned the throttle and raced up the dusty bumpy track. Whooo Hoo ! What a track.

Eventually I reached an intersection that I guessed was the one I needed to take to Wat Luung Khun Win. I was right & to my absolute surprise, the temple grounds unfolded before me.

Armed with just a pocket camera & not the big one, these few snaps hardly do the beauty of the place justice.

There is a lot of work underway on new temples here and the smell of fresh sawn wood fills the air.

Out from the temple grounds I followed the track north towards Samoeng and after quite a journey I reached the phone box on the corner that I had seen on my previous visit to this area from the north.

Lunch at Samoeng and then after filling the tank I took the 5032 out of town and then the 6033 north towards Mae Sap. This road is really nice after the mornings track and made a great contrast.

The Samoeng Nuea loop brought me back into town for a coffee next to the market and then it was back home via the 1269.

Total distance 188 kms.
[sgpx gpx=”/maps/mae-wang-to-samoeng.gpx”]

Mae Win to Samoeng – Wat Luung Khun Win

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