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As Chiang Mai flood water continues to rise at Doi Tao, restaurant and home owners react to the changing situation, adjusting the positions of their rafts and making timely repairs to the pontoons. I watch monks shuttle people and vehicles from marooned areas of the valley with their ferry service and fly a drone above the swollen Ping River to show the extent of the flood. Doi Tao is the flood plain of the Ping River and currently the water level is still rising due to Bhumibol Dam having stopped it’s out flow for over 1 week already. Bhumibol Dam is currently holding water back from joining the Chao Phraya River on it’s route down to Bangkok in an attempt to save the capitol city from further flooding.

Doi Tao

Bhumibol Dam

Start Location of video (with cat on bonnet)
Wat Doi Tok

Artlist Music
DJ Taz Rashid – Morning Light
Jon Gegelman – Floating in the Clouds
Marshall Mcferrin – Still Waters – Instrumental Version

Chiang Mai flood water continues to rise at Doi Tao

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