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Route 1317,5110,5115,3005,1230,1229,1006, no-number
Distance – 180 kms

I looked at my Gps map and saw some spots of water in the Mae On area and wanted to find a few roads to ride to them.

I also wanted to make up for the lack of photo’s of the D-Tracker in my last post, so I needed a nice back drop or 2.

I rode out of town on the 1317 until I reached Ban Sahakon where I saw the sign post to the cave on the left and remembered a friend telling me she wanted to go there but her hubby wouldn’t, as it was a difficult walk. ‘No worries’ I though, lets see what the fuss is al about.

Today was hot and my head was already spinning from the late morning sun & seeing this first flight of steps, I told the ticket kiosk lady I would be back another day!

Back down to the 1317 I turned left & on past the 4021 turning to the Hot Springs and also out past the Highland Golf Course until I reached this junction where I turned left.

This is the 5110 and I rode up it’s length until I reached the Sahakon 3 Reservoir.

I retraced my steps back to the start of the village and turned right onto the 5115 and rode up towards Huai Hong Khai 7 Reservoir. But along the way I found another drop of water, Sahakon Reservoir.

Back down to the 5115 I ride lovely forest roads and then the sound of machinery to my right becomes deafening. Through the trees I could see a massive quarrying excavation project raising dust and all that noise.

At the end of the road I came to a T junction and was verbally stopped by one of the 7 Dwarfs, who I had obviously just woken from a bad dream. No way was he letting me turn right, ‘Mai Bai!’ So I turned left.

This road is literally gravel, the same as what the lorries are trundling away from the noisey quarry.

At the tree in the middle of the road I turned right and this road I followed until I reached the Huai Hong Khai Study Centre boundary and after a chat with a more friendly security guard, entered the school area and found a restaurant for a spot of lunch.

Kaow Neow Hohmok & the essential Gratium & Prik! Aroy mak.

After lunch I exited through the barrier again and turned right and along the face of the reservoir dam.

As my Gps map doesn’t show any road from here to the nearby smaller Huai Ka Reservoir, I road a loop around to the south west and ended back at the tree in the middle of the road.

Just a little way along the road to the school I had already travelled, is another guard hut with a barrier and this time I thought I wouldn’t tempt fate & stop for a photo, I would ride up to it, turn right and try to reach the road the grumpy guy refused me to ride.

Nice track this one, eventually comes to the Study Centre tarmac and this road I follow all the way to the Study Centre car park & Huai Hong Khai 2 Reservoir.

The mini zoo was quiet but the presentation going on at the centre echoed across the dam drowning out the peace you would assume from the photo’s.

I rode further up this Study Centre road, as if I were heading for the 118 but turned right at the crest of the hill, where there is another large piece of water and a sign advertising ‘School for Life’.

I took this road and followed it from tarmac onto soil and stayed with the signs, now directing towards ‘Children’s Shelter Home Union’. But then it becomes a ‘Children’s Shelter Foundation’ Maybe there are 3 or have they changed their name or as the sign suggests, have they united?

At the end of this red soil track I come to a tarmac T junction and I take a right and towards the 3005.

When I smell the eggs I know I have reached the 3005 and a I turn right and after a short distance stop at 196 Coffee Corner, to chat with Khun Chae and his dear wife, who serve delicious coffee and they show me their garden which they are very proud of and we talk about the cost of living and places we know in England.

Further on down the 3005 at Huai Kaeo where the road changes to 1317, I take a left onto the 1230.

What a brilliant route this is. I had seen other reports about the scenery up here and the condition of the road but when I rode it I just felt I wanted to do it again.

Along the way I note waterfalls and side roads and even took a couple of side trips to places that are not on my Gps maps. Yet again, more rides in the back pocket for another day.

Eventually I reach the junction of 1229 and I take that right turn to ride up over the top and back into Mae On & join the 1006 & then 1317 again back into town.

A fabulous ride, not a fast whizz bang route but adventurous and pleasant.

Huai Hong Khai & Mae On Loop

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