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This video is the first in a series of discovering temple ruins in Wiang Kum Kam, referred to as The Atlantis of Lanna, as labeled by amateur historian Garry Harbottle-Johnson in the book of the same name. In this episode we visit Wat Ku Kao where all that is visible is a restored Chedi at the road junction of Wiang Kum Kam and the Lamphun Road. The second site shown is the double structures of Wat Kum Kam Teepram and see the amazing structures excavated between 1989 and 2002. The third site is also labeled Wat Kum Kam Teepram No1, also known as Wat Boran and also Wat Ton Koi.

1 – Wat Ku Kao (Abandoned)
18.7492, 99.01031
FineArts Video–I

3 – Wat Kum Kam Teepram (Abandoned)
18.74743, 99.00939
FineArts Video

3a – Wat Kumkam Teepram No.1 (Abandoned )
Wat Boran / Wat Ton Koi
18.74706, 99.00862

This Video’s 3 Locations

WKK Summary Map

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