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Some people might think it boring to travel down the 108 from Hang Dong to Hot & then visit Doi Tao & back via the 106 but to be honest, this route, the scenes along the way and how I feel doing the fast stretches & nice curves on a decent bike is for me just perfect.

That’s why I do this route so often. It’s good to see the positive developments in various small villages along the way, roads being improved, standards of living rising and noting the environmental changes both good & bad.

Doi Tao is a major landscape area, with uninterrupted views of the entire Ping valley. The valley at this location is often completely flooded but at this time of year, on the cusp of the rainy season, the river Ping is simply contained within a mature narrow meandering channel. If you look at the google map for this area, you can see a wide body of water. That is quite misleading.

Doi Tao May 2013

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