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Took the canal road south to Sanpatong, then the 108 south to Chom Thong.

Great news, there is a new 7/11 & Amazon in the brand spanking new PTT on the southbound side of the 108 just before the Doi Inthanon junction.

Their Air Pump has been given a grand display case.

Just the other side of Chom Thong is the “Into the Garden” temple & Buddha image grounds, that you can see some of from the 108. It’s still growing, the models have doubled in number since my last visit 3 years ago.

There was a massive ceremony going on at the temple and although the scene in the image looks tranquil, in reality it sounded like a day at Ascot race course or Camberley Car Auctions with the PA blaring loud conversation & prayers.

The road south of here is currently a mess. At times its almost 6 lanes across with no road markings and moments later it’s single car width through unfinished construction. It will be a very fast road when finished. As it is, Hang Dong to Hot in 50 mins, I think that will be down to 40ish in a year.

Lunch at Hot and then onto Doi Tao.

There is water but by no means as much as a year ago. Letting the water flow down country earlier has perhaps made this difference. Today there was a lot of commotion from the very proud Bull, calling his herd. He was quite concerned about some stragglers that had not come down from the forest with him & the other 50 + so he was calling and running back up to the top to find the rest of his harem.

I never tire of the Doi Tao loop, the roads are relatively quiet and have many decent curves.

Up the 106 to Ban Hong and stopped at Phrakhru Ba Chao Si Wichai, anoth unusual in some respects temple with quite a mix of styles.


Into the garden & Doi Tao

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