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With so much rain lately I woke this morning & glimpsed blue sky. Ok, so halfway to Sanpatong on the canal road I’m thinking “where am I going today ?”

After checking on the Sanpatong & Hang Dong By-Pass, the Lamphun By-Pass and taking a look at the swollen Ping when I crossed it on the 116, I found myself thinking “water”.

So back up the 11, around the outer ring road & up to Mae Taeng & off to Pankled Coffee for lunch before a visit to a guaranteed decent water fall afterwards.

Next I retraced my steps to the 107 at Mae Taeng and then after a couple of Km, took a left over to the 1001. I wanted to visit the white Buddha & temple on the far side of the valley mountain range.

I picked a good day. Amateur dramatics from Mae Jo Uni were in mid production! at Wat Phrathat Chom Kiti.

Next stop was a small piece of water in the Royal Chiang Mai Golf Course. Both of these are accessed via the small canal road that runs parallel with the 1001 all the way down into San Sai.

Why the heck did I go to Lamphun in order to see the delights of Mork Fa? I guess I just wanted to charge the batteries. It could also be to do with being Stir Crazy or perhaps experiencing Cabin Fever ?

Charging a battery

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