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Today was the first ride in a while, been so busy with working full time and the last few weekends have been full with family commitments.

John was also eager to get out & I had a mission, to give a dog a shower at the School for Life.

I met John in Sankamphaeng and we tootled up towards Mae Kuang Dam zig zagging across many of the small lanes that follow the various canals up to the dam. At the 118 it was straight over and up to the right hand side sluce.

The water level is low but not as low as I have seen previously. We skirted the right side until the cow shed at the end of the track and enjoyed seeing the outdoor shower that someone must enjoy, with their chair, cool clean water and surrounded by nature. Idyllic.

We lunched at the restaurant on the other side of the water, John got ripped off and I got a bad news phone call. My Care for Dogs assistant Kh Thanida, had been knocked off her bike on the way home and was rushed to hospital, needing 16 stitches in her hand. Poor girl.

After the delicious seafood & curry powder, it was off to the School for Life via Huay Hong Krai Royal Project and there we met Kh Oh with her family of children & newly adopted dogs from the shelter, Hope & Freedom.

We had brought along some treats and a bottle of shampoo especially for Freedom, as his skin suffers from Seborrehea which makes him itch if not shampooed regularly. The children loved the activity, taking great interest in what I was doing and it is obvious the dogs have settled in. Although they were on leads when we got there, tethered to posts in the house, when they were let off, they stayed around, showed how settled they were and enjoyed the treats, children & attention.

Onto the Sankamphaeng road and met Kh Kung & Chai at their coffee shop and they gave each of us a lovely welcome & a whopping great Malagor each to take home.

This ride was very leisurely and so enjoyable, I nearly fell asleep on the way down to Chiang Mai, what a great way to spend a Saturday.

Lunch at the Dam & Freedom gets a shower

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