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A gloomy Sunday afternoon ride to Mae Wang, searching for the little known Wooden Temple.

After a week of sad and emotional grieving and loss of Dad, today I rode for the first time in a week, for therapy.

I headed south from Hang Dong to San Patong and then took the 1013 right towards Mae Wang.

This road becomes a great road after Mae Wang, turning into a switch back ride for a great blast up to Mae Win.

At Mae Win I followed my intuition and the GT Rider map (showing just 1 turning to the right) and this village road leads up to a 3 way junction at a sleepy shaded sala.

I took the first turning to the right.

A decent track twists & turns up through the forest for quite some way. There are some wonderful views along the way, out across the valley and through farmers fields.

At a small junction with an equally small wooden sign in Thai, I take the main track up, a very steep incline and at the top is an even more severe decent into another valley. I reached the top of this climb and thought I should try this track at a dryer time, as I wondered if I would make it back up this track if it were to rain this afternoon. (Later at home I am told this small sign says “Wat Lueng”. Sometimes reading Thai might be advantageous. I was so close.)

I turned around and returned to the sleepy sala.

After exploring this little village, I exited onto the 1013 and after crossing the river out of Mae Win, I took the right turn in front of the health centre.

This track is an adventurous ride. Passing through orchards and valleys, the general direction was heading north west so as I felt that my search for the wooden temple was more north east, I headed back down towards the 1013 again, stopping off at a very dark and spooky little cave temple. (Note – Bring a torch next time!)

Back down in Mae Wang, just after passing the hospital, I took the left and rode through the back roads up to the reservoir. Here at the start of the road leading across the dam head, is a stairway up to a monument and I guess a site for a future temple.

I take the bike around the dirt track route and see it close up.

After a short stop I head off towards civilisation and take a few side trips up some tracks that I think might be of interest.

Eventually, now getting a little tired and drained, I head back towards the irrigation canal road and home to Nong Kway.

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/mae-wang.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:600px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]

Mae Wang – Search for Wooden Temple

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