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John & I met up at Meechok Plaza for what was obviously going to be a little bit of a wet ride, from looking at the sky in front of us but we didn’t know it was going to be so muddy.

We made our way up the 1001, the 121 and then across to the 107 via the back road following the river.

After Mae Rim, we turned left onto the 3009 and rode this road all the way to the top, stopping to let the rain pass over for a while.

At the 1095 we turned left up to the Pankled Coffee Shop where we stopped & ate lunch. The rain started again and when it let up we took the short ride to the waterfall kiosk, up & over the mountain behind the coffee shop.

No problem today at the kiosk for me, they remembered my face, how could they forget ! and I paid the local price. John however, doesn’t have a Thai license so had to pay the foreigner price. – Note to John – Get one!

The rain started again as we walked to the waterfall. We were not alone, 4 girls were there playing in the water, it was a wonderful sight, the rain made the green that much greener and the mud that much muddier but it was fantastic.

Back at the kiosk, we asked about the English worded signs about listening for an alarm and we eventually understood their meaning to be that people should listen & beware of the sound of loud water, as when a deluge arrives from upstream it could be dangerous. Mmmm.

Back on the bike and we journeyed all the way down to Mae Rim. But this time, instead of taking a turning right, which took me up to the Wat Phuttibat Si Roi concrete road, today we carried on down to the left and arrived on the 3009 near the pink buddha temple.

On some corners along this track, we wondered if we had lost our minds, had we gone mad and should we turn back. After the 3rd one, we knew we couldn’t turn back as we might not make it through the previous quagmire.

Fun, a lesson and exhilarating.

On reaching the 107 again, the sky ahead was jet black, rain was about to arrive for the evening.

At home, I stood on my front lawn, still togged up and washed my bike down with a hose in the rain. Yes, I think maybe I have lost it !

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/mork-fa-mae-rim-loop.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:600px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]

Mork Fa in the rain – July 2009

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