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Today I visit Doi Tao to look at the Ping River Flood Plain, watching the boats, enjoying the magnificent clouds and views across the water to the mountains and soaking up the wonderful atmosphere I feel when I visit this place. After capturing aerial images using a drone, we visit the Cliff of a Leaping Tiger Pha Singh Leaw ผาสิงห์เหลียว to look at the canyon type gorge of huge Hoodoo’s. As the Ping River is currently taking flood water from many tributaries upstream, I talk about the important role of Bhumibol Dam being the key to upcountry flooding.

Doi Tao Flood Plain

Bhumibol Dam

ผาสิงห์เหลียว Pha Singh Leaw

Pha Chor

Doi Tao Playlist

Visit to the Ping River Flood of Doi Tao and the Cliff of a Leaping Tiger in Chiang Mai

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