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We are spoilt for choice with Activities in Chiang Mai on a November Saturday morning. Starting off at 03:30 at Chiang Mai University to witness the fun & excitement at the start of the freshy walk up to Doi Suthep by each of the many faculties of the University. We see the Governor of Chiang Mai with many dignitaries participating, along with other alumni from CMU, celebrating the tradition of respecting Khruba Siwichai at the Buddhist shrine before ascending Suthep, the road the great engineer monk created and the temple itself at the top, 14 km up a steep winding mountain road.

After 5 hours of watching keen and committed students race away from the University entrance gate, each receiving a water blessing from a monk, I leave CMU to find breakfast at Bamboo Saturday Market (Nana Jungle). I then watch the Toyota Gazoo Racing event at the 700 Year Memorial Stadium further along the canal road and watch Vois, Vigo & Yaris cars race around the stadium car park in their qualifying heats.

Finally I visit the Weekend 2nd Hand Market next to Changpuek Police Station, where I enjoy browsing the wide variety of items on sale.

A really fun packed morning.

CMU Tradition: Freshman Walk to Doi Suthep
CMU Trekking

Life on campus

CMU Angkaew Reservoir

Bamboo Saturday Market (Nana Jungle)

700th Anniversary of Chiang Mai Stadium

Toyota Gazoo Racing

Weekend 2nd Hand Market

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Activities in Chiang Mai on a November Saturday Morning

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