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This video is about FORRU Making Chiang Mai Green, by restoring forests using research technology to monitor growth and health. Today FORRU (Forest Restoration Research Unit ) at Chiang Mai University, go to Ban Pong Yeang Nai, Mae Rim, north of Chiang Mai city to allow volunteers to contribute to the rewarding activity, participating with experts and learn about their valuable work and interesting data they have observed. This video sees volunteers from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and the UK, assisting Kh Som & her FORRU team to collect height, breadth, thickness, health, weed & shade conditions for saplings, guided by. We also see Kh Worayut (Nan) fly a drone over the restoration site to capture detailed images for comparison against a previous set of images captured the year before.

Ban Pong Yeang Nai Restoration Site

FORRU – Forest Restoration Research Unit

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Buddha Kid – What Youve Always Needed

FORRU Making Chiang Mai Green Restoring Forests having fun learning and meeting new friends

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