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I visit Pha Chor a tourist attraction within Mae Wang National Park in Chiang Mai with Stefan entdeckt die Welt, where geology of the ping river plain is displayed in all its glory. Stefan makes excellent videos, shown on his popular YouTube Channel Stefan entdeckt die Welt. We visit a relatively new National Park camping centre where cold coffee is available and then we travel on a few more kilometers to Pha Chor look out and enjoy hot coffee before walking the dry river valley below. The Pha Chor tourist attraction is a forest trail through small canyons cut into the many visible layers of sand, stone & clay that have been uplifted over millions of years to now demonstrate geological facts or the history of the Ping River basin. A pleasant walk for able bodied people, children would find this very interesting and provides an ideal place to retreat & enjoy nature.

Stefan entdeckt die Welt

Pha Chor

Pong Cho – Mae Wang Reservoir

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Avner Kelmer – Bread & Breakfast

Pha Chor Tourist Attraction in Mae Wang National Park Chiang Mai with Stefan entdeckt die Welt

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