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This video shows Chiang Mai Smog and Ban Pong Landscape, including a visit to Wat Pa Phut Photchanaram (วัดป่าพุทธพจนาราม), a forest temple in the area of Ban Pong. The numerous quarry excavations of land, forming large pits now filled with ground water are hidden from ground level view but are easily visible from above. The drone video shows several water filled quarries surrounding Wat Pa Phut Photchanaram and excavations are continuing in the surrounding area.

Wat Pa Phut Photchanaram วัดป่าพุทธพจนาราม

Artlist Music
Yarin Primak – White Horse
Bedroom – Sun Dog

Chiang Mai Smog and Ban Pong Landscape during the smokey season of 2023

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