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This video discusses various aspects of the burning season and Hed Thop in Chiang Mai. Puff Ball mushrooms are locally called Hed Thop and are an extremely lucrative product that people throughout SE Asia harvest from forests. Many people believe that burning the forest undergrowth improves their harvest, despite scientific advice disproving their belief. The annual burning of forests across SE Asia impacts Thailand air quality and data gathered from NASA FIRMS, clearly demonstrates the attempts of Thailand to reduce fires within the country, only to be thwarted by neighbouring countries continuing uncontrolled burning. This video shows data from Chiang Mai News in English Facebook page & NASA FIRMS database. Drone footage is also used in this video to draw comparisons between 13 February 2023 and 10 March 2023, showing aerial views across Huai Manao Reservoir in Mae Wang. The is also drone footage of Wat Doi Sapphanyu Buddha Statues and Obelisk.

Wat Doi Sapphanyu (Wat Nam Bo Tip)

Huai Manao

Chiang Mai News in English


Forest Fire Management and Prevention in Mae Ping
National Park – HED THOP

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The Burning Season and Hed Thob in Chiang Mai

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