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Beware – There are a lot of photos of a D-Tracker in this post.

At last all the waiting was over, this morning I picked up the new bike at Kawasaki Chiang Mai and rode it 7 kilometers to Miguels on the Lamphun Road for a meeting with my colleagues at Care for Dogs, to discuss the forthcoming Birthday Celebrations for Cfd as we mark the 3rd year of work.

It was a lively meeting and despite talking a lot (about dogs obviously) we ate some great food too !

I was itching to get away and ride the bike. I headed out on the 106 to the 121 and took a left, up over the 11 and at the 1317 I took a right out towards Mae On.

At Chae Chang I took a right onto the 1147 and after a few kms entered the the approach to Wat Doi Hang Bat. I had been here in February but wanted to see the view from the view point tower again.

The monks have been busy painting & the colour is very nice.

Further on down the 1147 at Ban Thi I take a left onto the 2029 and after a series of country lanes I arrive at the next stop on my trip, Wat Doi Wiang in the mountains on the right side of the road.

The lower temple is very neat & tidy, constantly tidied by novice monks & nuns. But I then took the concrete road around the rear of this and followed it up to the peak of this mountain.

It’s quite a ride and not for the feint hearted.

At the top there is some renovation work going on and in time, will be another local attraction.

Back to the 2029, I turn right and towards Mae Thi Reservoir.

Up here, there are some great tracks and the views over the valley are very pleasant.

The weather was changing and the wind was blowing up a storm in the mountains beyond.

After a few rides through orchards and various tracks, I returned to the 2029 and turned right & back towards Ban Thi.

Here I took the 1189 and headed to the 11. From here it was straight over, crossed the railway line and then to the 106 junction. I turned right and then at the 121 turned left towards home.

D-Tracker to Ban Thi

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