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This video is the 3rd video in a series where we discover more temple ruins of Wiang Kum Kam, referred to as The Atlantis of Lanna, a visitor guide book of the same name, written by amateur historian Garry Harbottle-Johnson. In this episode we visit 6 archeological sites where I use the Chiang Mai Fine Arts Department notice boards along with the detailed descriptions of each site as found in Garry Harbottle-Johnson’s book. In this video I show various scenes including flooded roads and homes as well as discarded furniture and debris caused by the recent flooding of the Ping River. This video was recorded 14 October 2022.

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Site 4 (not seen) and 5 Wat Ku Ma Gluer
06:49 Site 6 and ride along east and southern boundary
09:58 Site 8 Wat Ku Maisong
16:11 Site 10 Wat Ku Lab Moi (hidden)
20:47 Site 9 Wat Ku Aisi
26:55 Site 11, 12, 13 close

Site 4 Wat Ku Ton Pho
Approximate Location

Site 5 Wat Ku Magluer (Abandoned)

FineArts Video–I

Site 6 (The East Wall Boundary)

Site 8 Wat Ku Mai Song

Site 9 Wat Ku Aisi

Site 10 Wat Ku Lab Moi

Site 11, 12, 13 Wat Hua Nong

FineArts Video

This Video’s Locations

WKK Summary Map

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