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Do you believe Chiang Mai Loy Krathong waste will be recycled ? This week Chiang Mai celebrates Loy Krathong, which sees people floating a Krathong into water, to pay respect to the Goddess of Water. Krathong are typically small floating baskets containing candles, incense, flowers and a wide range of other items including money. In recent years, the use of plastics in their construction has raised concerns for the environment. This year after a well publicised campaign by local authorities, the majority of Krathongs seen at Padaet Weir have been largely organic in materiel. Held back by closed sluice gates, the thousands of Krathong floated down the Ping River, have collected infront of the weir. Yesterday and today, local media have been broadcasting that the plastics & degradable 40 tonnes of waste would be separated and fertiliser would be made from biodegradable waste and the plastics, recycled. Today the Loy Krathong waste was scooped out of the Ping River and transported off for processing. Intrigued by the promise of huge scale recycling, I followed one of the trucks.

Final destination of all Chiang Mai Loy Krathong waste location:
Chiang Mai Municipality Water Quality Improvement Plant

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Matt Stewart-Evans – Comedy of Errors

Do you believe Chiang Mai Loy Krathong waste will be recycled ?

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