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Met Colin at Miguels and found that Kevin had gear problems so would not be joining our trip today.

We took the 106 out to Saraphi & then headed west towards Ban Tawai until the Ping where we swung left & stayed with the river road all the way to the new bridge (the new road from San Patong to Lamphun).

For the first time in a year of trying we were able to cross it as the concrete blocks had been eased aside for bikes. The bridge looks complete to the eye but still traffic is not generally permitted to use it.

Over the bridge (Yeah !) we turned onto the 1156 and headed towards the 1010 at Wang Phang and then stayed on the 1010 until this road breaks right over the Mae Nam Lai just short of Nam Mueang, on an un-numbered road heading southwest. (I had a plan!)

After a while we briefly joined the 3004 and then cut left to get on the road that becomes the 4009.

I travelled half of this road last March in the reverse direction and at that time thought it was wonderful. Today we rode it’s length, all the way to Hot. Brilliant! At last a route that takes you to Hot without touching the challenging 108.

At Hot we stopped for lunch.

I placed my bits & bobs on a table that joined another table where a Thai man sat & I politely asked him if we could share the space. He graciously welcomed me to do so and of course the conversation was all in Thai.

This place does Kao Ka Moo & it’s tasty. I tempted Colin to try it and when the waitress delivered my plate to his side of the table with a pile of pak chee on top, he got a little excited and I quickly pointed out I had already placed a special order for him with the chef, to not include “any of that shit” (colins words not mine).

I smacked my lips and turned to the guy next to me and commented on the food and started to converse about his daughter who is currently at University in England and he said he was happy to visit her twice a year but didn’t like the cold weather there. He & I chatted away for a while and when he had finished his meal he asked the waitress for the bill. He then turned to me and said he would like to pay for our lunch. In perfect English.

How could we refuse.

So after a reality check on the street, we headed for the 1103 and rode to Doi Tao. Plenty of water this time, compared to when Art, Kevin, Colin & I rode here 6 months ago. At that time we could see no water at all, just dry flats across to the raised island in the middle.

After Doi Tao, we headed towards the 106 & north towards Lamphun.

Not wanting to navigate Lamphun traffic & knowing the new bridge to be passable, we turned left at Sapung and rode over to the 108 just a little south of Sanpatong.

A good ride of just over 300kms.

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/doi-tao-via-river-with-slash.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:600px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]

Doi Tao & a classic Slash moment

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  1. Super photos yet again! I’ve read report on Gt site & had to laugh at your embarrassment at Colin’s comments re. food & second hand bikes. I have a friend who is also prone to saying too much – he just assumes that regardless of where we are – the Thai people wont speak English! Example – 3 Sundays ago I had a puncture near Ban Sa Tan (follow DoiLuang road from Ban Den to top & its there) Middle of nowhere – got to small garage gave the chap there my “best” Thai re the problem & he answered me in perfect English!!!!! He was very helpful & it did make it so much easier that he understood us. You cant be too careful. Regards David

  2. Thanks for checking my site here David.

    I am not sure what the consequences of publishing this scenario are but there are no tutorials / courses for many folks to grasp the extremely rude behaviours that can to them, be assumed as acceptable.

    Thick skinned & broad shouldered people are sensitive though and it was an excellent demonstration of how not to act & talk & I think Colin has taken it onboard already.


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