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I like the back of Samoeng and today was made more enjoyable as I rode with Amandine Lecesne and Nola Kelsey, both on their scooters but both smiling the whole way as we wound through the mountains on & off tarmac, they had no problem. Who needs big bikes to enjoy these roads.

We took the 1269 out to Samoeng, taking the side loop up to Khrongkan and when we arrived in Samoeng we headed for coffee at the reliable coffee house.

After a chat we poodled off on the 5032 and after a brief stop at Wat Phutthabat Pa Kluai we took the 6033 up to Samoeng Nuea and right up over the top.

We stopped at the water tank & the pond but the pond is now sadly just a dry mud basin.

At Pong Yang we stopped for lunch and then made our way down the 1096 towards Mae Rim.

The highlight of the afternoon for me was definitely the icecream at Wat Pa Dara Phirom, closely followed by a revisit to the spectacular mural scenes on the walls and the brilliant gold encrusted surfaces of the huge dark pillars of the main temple building.

The distance was around 130 kms.

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Samoeng with Amandine & Nola

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