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Instead of turning left at Hot & heading for the waterfront, today I continued straight and rode the 1012 towards the mountains.

Along here are several old temples and some stuppa ruins.

At Wat Up Kaeo I happened to meet Mae Chee Jai, an ordained nun for 8 years already who has lived at this temple on her own for the past year. It was just after mi day & she offered me lunch, so we got chatting. What a lovely experience.

Apart from discussing meditaion, finding and controlling the mind and her daily routines, we talked about the 1,500 year old temple at the top of this mountain, remnants of which are simply sheltered by a roof structure to stop further decay.

After lunch I continued down 1012 and eventually (according to maps) rode across water & up into the mountains west of Doi Tao waters.

This road soon deteriorates into powder, ruts & rocks, interspersed with good stretches of concrete paving but after an hour of the incredibly twisty, at times steep, forest tracks, I called it a day @ 3pm. I would have to return another day.

Only when I show my gps track on google earth do I kick myself for not staying with it for another 10 minutes, so close !

(Along the way just south of Sanpatong, the road works are geared up & there is now a junction being formed with the southern Chiang Mai by pass.)

[sgpx gpx=”/maps/doi-tao-west-mountains.gpx” style=”width:100%; height:500px; border:1px solid gray; margin-right:20px; float:left;”]

Doi Tao Mountains

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  1. A good trip along there Ally, I rode along the 1012 once about two years ago and must do it again sometime

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